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Below are some recent papers.

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Recent Writing:

Obama candidacy moves nation a long way from tension of racial past.

(Detroit Free Press Opinion, July 17, 2008) Recently I've come to a very different place about the elections and Americans -- a much more optimistic spot than I dreamed possible years ago, and stunningly different from what I lived in the summer of 1968.

The Global Fund's principal recipients...or neglected partners.

(The Lancet 364:918-920, September 11, 2004). This paper examines the crucial role that Principal Recipient's play in achieving the Global Fund's goals, using NicaSalud in Nicaragua as a case study.

NicaSalud & Umoyo Network: Lessons Learned from Establishing & Managing Health Networks in Nicaragua and Malawi .

(Allan J. Hruska & Carrie Osborne, 2004). This paper examines the experiences of two federations of NGOs set up to improve effectiveness of work in primary health care delivery in Nicaragua and Malawi.

Guidelines for Promoting Safer and More Effective Pest Management with Small Holder Farmers.

(Sally Gladstone & Allan J. Hruska, 2003). This manual is intended for project and programme managers promoting sustainable pest management among small holder farmers. It is also available in Spanish: Una Guía para Promover el Manejo de Plagas más Seguro y más Eficaz con los Pequeños Agricultores.

The Impact of Training in Integrated Pest Management among Nicaraguan Maize Farmers: Increased Net Returns and Reduced Health Risk.

(Allan J. Hruska & Marianela Corriols, 2002, Int J Occup Environ Health 8:191-200). This research shows that training of resource-poor farmers in Nicaragua in integrated pest management resulted in reduced health risk and higher net economic returns.


Book Reviews:

Reviews of "The Bottom Billion," "The White Man's Burden," & "Dead Aid" (on Amazon)


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